Black Rock City, Nevada



being a virgin in 2005, I relied upon the wisdom of friends and the black rock playa guide to know what to bring with me to the desert...  in no manner do i claim to be an expert, but i merely mark down these things, so that each year i may learn and remember for the years to come...  perhaps 2005 was a cooler year, but i did  not find it to be as HOT as i was terrified of it being... it was quite wonderful, and i welcomed the dust storms, as a beautiful event to give us pause in the days travels.



Feet: Wool socks + Boots, something comfortable as they become part of your feet and in my case started to cause me much pain + fatigue by the end of the week.

Day: even though i wore many things, such as jeans, shorts, skirts, etc; i found the most fun thing was flowing skirts for dancing in the warming sun... next year i hope to have a few sarongs, something that will still allow me to crouch to the floor as a tiger, climb like a raptor, twirl poles like a geisha, and run / spring upon passing art cars as a leopard.

Night: i found myself wearing the same thing each night, what friends remarked to be mad-maxian in nature, but it allowed me to dance, and carry everything with me...  overalls with pockets for camera, lamp, notepad; and a long flowing coat for the cold night air.  remember that when dancing, nipples need to be free, or have something soft so as not to be chaffed.  a waist wrap was just a fun addition from the boutique...



Day goggles / Night goggles

Dust Scarf, my kendo tengui did a great job

Sunscreen [spf 30] each morning

Camelback [I drank one by day, and then another by night; this equaled 4.2 liters / day.  next year I will plan for 6 liters [1.5 gal] per day, and still probably have much excess.  we had brought 25+ gallons for two people, which was just ridiculous and we had over 15 gallons left over, even with some borrowed water for showering [oh, i didn't shower all week other then playing under the water trucks, so this might account for the minimal water usage while still 'peeing clear'.]

Head lamp

Note pad w/ pens and pockets, very important for keeping in touch with new family that you meet on momentary passings in the night



Toilet Paper [personal mini-rolls, are great!!!]

Hair thingies



Morning: Bagel, Protein Energy Bar, Soy Milk, Juice, Orange

Lunch: [not always desired, as even my typically bottom-less stomach shrank on the playa] almonds, dried fruit, beef jerky, juice

Dinner: we did a few potlucks as a camp, [pasta / sausage / sauce] but mostly i found myself wandering about and meeting people.  on the first night, after doing a few flips on a trampoline, i was wrangled by Lesle for some coconut curry at her camp; it was the beginning of the family suppers that I often found amongst new friends in my travels.  i especially have to think Erik at the Swingers Lounge, as his cooking rocked!



This year everything worked out just fine, but there are some things that I have noticed that greatly differ from my backpacker experiences...

the overall concept for this year was 50 sticks of bamboo, which i wove into a shade catcher scrimmed with cloth.  then there were two tents [sleeping + food/clothes] and a scattering of dust-proof containers

someplace to sleep at night [tent / sleeping bag / pad / pillow]

a hammock to sleep in during the day / morning.

a large tent for food / clothes where one can stand-up / sort things / rummage for the 'perfect' outfit, or just graze through the coolers / food bins.  a small horizontal surface for make-up / lotions and maybe even a mirror w/ light would be handy.

it is important to have a double-layer tenting system.  the first layer blocks the sun.  the space between allows for air to circulate and keep things cooler.  the inner sanctum protects things from dust and stumbling interlopers.

tooth brush / mouth wash

foot lotion

band-aids / etc... just incase

bikes: i prefer strolling about, hopping on art cars, or commandeering a passing cyclist for a ride; as it is more social and allow more personal freedom [plus i blew three tubes on the playa due to gremlins].

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