Art | Performance | Modeling

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155 lbs
Neck: 14"
Sleeve: 17"
Chest: 41"
Waist: 31"
Inseam: 32"
Shoe: 10.0
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Natural Black, or dyed
Ears are pierced for 10ga, but can shrink to pinpoints for shoots
No tattoos
One scar on stomach
Studio or Safe Location Conditions - $65/hr
Harsh Location Conditions - $100/hr [Prior In-Person Meeting Required]
Nudes - $65/hr [Never on the First Shoot Together]
Two [2] hour minimum for all above
Day Rate Negotiable
Travel + Per Diem, as appropriate
Professional Modeling Experience: Runways, Photoshoots, Performance, Location Scout, and Fit / Sample Size Model

Genres: Fine + Performance Arts, Dance, Trapeze, Winter Sports, Yoga, Sculpture, Fashion, and Fetish

Particular Talents: Trapeze, Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Hiking, Camping, Bondage / Trapeze Rigger, Contact Improv Dance, and Yoga.

Additional Skills: Host / MC, Event Management / Production, Creative Staff Management, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, Identity Packages, Make-up Artist, Bodypainting, Prop / Prosthetic Maker, Architectural / Theatrical Design, Furniture, and Construction.
The years have given me a good amount of experience both in front of the lens, and behind it.
Therefore, I not only have great respect for the vision and protocols needed to create an amazing shoot, but I can collaborate with you to make all of the details fall into place beautifully.

I began with architectural and theatrical design, constructed them into reality, and then found myself being regularly called to the forefront. I have joked over the years that I am a ‘torso’ for hire, but these opportunities have been really wonderful and I have enjoyed bringing my energy to performances, films, and artistic compositions.

Having both managed creative staff, and owned an art gallery in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District for a number of years, I have respect for your professionalism, time and budget; as I trust you will similarly have for me.
Note: Most of my work is paid, but I am open to trade and modest honorarium for projects with distinct artistic vision benefiting non-profits, friends, or the art community. I particularly enjoy trade with fashion designers that have a bias toward urban tribal, steampunk and/or fetish.





Film Acting

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Fine Art


Artistic Director

Costuming + Props

Some of the very talented photographers that I have collaborated with over the years:
Adam Blackman,
Addie Mannan,
Andre Lindauer,
Andrew Hunt,
Artistic Cliques,
Ben Mund,
Black Ink,
Christina Lang,
Clear Focus,
Decisive Moment,
Dominic Arizona Bonucelli,
Erik Tandberg,
Hand Eye Supply,
Ilima Considine,
James Spurlock,
John Labovitz,
John Rader,
Julian + Raven Wilde,
Kenji Ninja,
Kina Williams,
Kristal Passy,
Kristyna Wentz-Graff,
Lewd & Stewed,
Lucian Schmidt,
Matt Adamik,
Melissa Heitkamp,
Micah Rees,
Michael Zuagg,
Nina Sage,
Nine Tails,
Peter Springer,
Pip Santos,
Steve Lenz,
Tiny Bee,
Tony Mancini,
Travis Brown,
Uundro Buundane,
Your Essence,
and more...